Life After "Death" & Reincarnation - Sources

Gen 25: 8-9 - And Abraham expired and died at a good old age, mature and content, and he was gathered unto his people. His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah....

Gen 49: 33 - [Jacob is together with his whole family gathered around his bed] When Jacob finished instructing his sons he drew his feet onto the bed; he expired and was gathered unto his people. [He was then embalmed, mourned in Egypt, and finally buried in Israel months later.]

Gen 35: 18 - And it came to pass  as her soul was departing - for she was dying.... [See also  Kings I, 19:4, Jonah 4:3, Koheles 12:7, Job 34:14-5.]

Samuel I, 28: 3 - And Samuel died and all Israel eulogized him, and he was buried on the hill in his city....

--- 4-14 - [There was a war with the Philistines, Saul and the Jews were doing poorly, the prophets and priests had deserted him, so he found a necromancer and asked her to raise Samuel for him. She did so.]

---15-19 - Samuel said to Saul, "Why have you angered me to bring me up?...Hashem will give Israel into the hands of the Philisitines, and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me...." And indeed Saul and his sons were killed by the Philistines [Chap 31].

Deut 32: 39 - See now that I, I am He and there is no god with Me - I put to death and cause to live, I have struck down and I will heal - there is none to save from my hand.

Deut 25: 5-6 - When brothers will dwell together and one dies without children, the wife of the deceased shall not marry "outside" to a strange man - her yavam [husband's brother] shall marry her and perform yibum. Her first-born  son shall arise on the name of his dead brother - his name shall not be blotted out from Israel.

Num. 27:4 Why shall the name of our father be missing from among his family? Give us a portion [in the land of Israel] among the brothers of our father.

Ruth 4: 10 - [And Boaz said:] "...And I have acquired Ruth the Moabite, [former] wife of Machlon, as a wife to establish the name of the deceased on his inheritance - the name of the deceased shall not be cut off from his brothers and from the gate of his place...."

--- 17 - The women called him [the sone of Boaz and Ruth] a name saying "A son is born to Naomi [Ruth's mother-in-law]", and they called his name "Oved"....

Gen 38: 7-10 - [Judah had three sons - Er, Onan and Shelah - he took Tamar asa wife for Er] Er, Judah's first-born, was evil in the eyes of Hashem, and Hashem killed him. Judah said to Onan, "Come to your brother's wife and do yibum, and establish seed for your brother.  And Onan knew that the seed would not be his, so, when he came to his brother's wife he spilled his seed so as to not give seed to his brother. What he did was evil in the eyes of Hashem, and He killed him also.

--- 26-7 - [Judah refuesed to have shela do yibum; Tamar tricked Judah into unknowingly having relations with her, she was discovered to be pregnant and caused Judah to confess that he is the father] ... And Judah said, "She is more righteous than I, since I did not give her to my son Shelah," and he knew her no more [he did not take her as his wife].  And it was at the time for her to give birth that there were twins in her womb....