1.         No new ideas

2.         Chassid = doing extra (Messilas Yesharim) - extension of Torah ideas to details of life.

a. clothes

b. Joshua

c. shoelaces

d. cup on palm

e. bathroom and bridal chamber

3.         Partial revelation of mystical ideas to illuminate public Torah and mitzvos.

a. G-dís and manís actions; agent for a mitzva

b. tefillin - hand and arm

c. community realization of Torah - 613 commandments, "in the name of all Israel"

d. in order to unify

e. right (chosed), left (judgment) - left always serves right

f. shirayim - compare Joseph, sacrifices

4.         Function of Rebbe

a. guidance to individual

b. community leader - capturing the bird - "Yiftach his generation like Shmuel in his"

5.         Elements of chassidic style

a. joy

b. emphasizing the positive

c. accepting and raising the physical