I. Mitzvos - obligatory vs. voluntary - which is more fundamental?

  A. psychological: more resistance to obligatory

  B. for G-d: obligatory are more important

  C. we are required to adopt G-dís point of view since that is the truth

II. We cannot intuit G-dís point of view - if He did not tell us we could not know - compare G-dís concern for our diet

III. The "lost" mitzva - is it a loss to G-d that someone else filled the need?

IV. Retarded children, aborting impaired fetus: our vicarious pleasure vs. what G-d wants for that soul

V. Choice of life priorities - not always on the basis of strongest talents - sometimes weaker talents will produce more value - the Torah gives the hierarchy of values

VI. Friendship: we should want the best life for a friend - that implies advising him on his shortcomings - avoid false "liberalism" which is really unconcern - compare suicide based on mistake, treating drug addiction