1. Yitzchok and Rivka - criteria for marriage - shared values/world- view, suitabililty for life together; love after marriage-commitment

2. Yaakov and Rachel - preparation and completness -

significance of seven - same marriage criteria as (1)

3. Marriage as partnership/project and creation of minimal human

a. Adam as androgynous - individual men/women incomplete

b. contrast self-completion with supplementation in creating

new unit (duet)

c. three levels of integration:

I + I - cooperation for individual advantage - business

We - members act for group advantage - sports, music, political action

I - parts of organic unity - what each part does is done by the unit - functional definition of unit, action ascribed to the whole - examples: counting furniture, limbs of the musician

d. social work application of the three stages

e. Responsibility to strive to create the I - contrast Western passivity ("falling in love"; "trial marriage" statistics)

f. love as a result of effort and success in building the single I - need for constant integration - life's necessarily devisive experiences

4. Practical consequences - challenge to develop the I

a. boring conversation - listening to the person

b. giving the chance to give - balence between giving and receiving,

forgiving the other, two lists for suitablity

c. balence between similarities and differences