This section consists of short observations on topics of current interest. They are designed to provide some insight and further discussion. The reader is urged to share his comments on Rabbi Gottlieb's comments with Rabbi Gottlieb.

A Story from the book "Coming Home"
The Kuzari Principle (Revelation at Sinai) - Introduction
The Kuzari Principle (Revelation at Sinai) - Credibility Of Testimony
Q & A on the Kuzari Principle
Biblical Criticism
Who Wrote The Bible?
Sources For Daas Torah
The Age of The Universe
Comments On "Genesis & The Big Bang"
Looking Back and Moving Forward - The Chain of Tradition
Has The Exodus Really Been Disproven?
Freedom Worth Having
The Necessity of Free Will
Sources On Morality Independent of Torah
Fredwin On Evolution
Life After "Death" and Reincarnation - Sources
Omnipotence and Evil [Part 1]
Correction to "Off The Derech"
Rabbi Avraham Chaim Carmel on the Slifkin Controversy
Kings II - the found sefer

NEW:  Brief Thoughts on Torah and science

The Catholic Church's Response to Our Critique of Christian Credibility
Evidence for the Soul  (1)  (2)  (3)
Biblical Criticism
Psychology of Atheism


How Rabbi Gottlieb became Religious!
A Wholly Life: Spiritual Integration of Mind, Body, and Soul (with an article by Rabbi Gottlieb)