Outlines of Rabbi Gottlieb's shiurim (lectures). They portray the
variety of subjects that Rabbi Gottlieb addresses, and give an
inkling of how he handles them.

The Active Life
Killing a Child: Rational or Financial?
Selfish vs.. Selfless: The True Basis of Altruism
The Reason For Potential Anti-Semitism
How To Argue
Biblical Criticism
Cross Cultural Critique
Elderly (adj.) People (noun)
Equality and The Chosen People
Evidence For The Soul
Providence and Evil - "Bad" Things for "Good" People
Free Will, Fate and Providence

From G-d's Point of View
Can You Be Good Without G-d?
Alternative Life-Styles
Explaining The Holocaust

The Place of Logic

Love and Marriage
The Message of The Laws of Channukah
Living Up To The Truth, Part 3: Miracles
Mysticism, Meaning and Mitzvah
My Friends and I
"You" = Plural; "You" = Singular
The Politically Correct Jew

Burden Of Proof
Providence and Responsibility

The Validity of Fulfilling Psychological Needs

The Reality of Evil
Religion and Morality - The Sacrifice of Isaac
The Relevance of Religion

Notes on Science and Evolution
Rights, Freedom and Tolerance
Rosh HaShonna
Why Do We need Rabbinic Guidance?
Jewish Survival - The Fact and It's Implications

How To Read Jewish Texts

The Truth About Religion
The Value of Freedom
Women and Men - Legal
Women and Men - Philosophical




How Rabbi Gottlieb became Religious!
A Wholly Life: Spiritual Integration of Mind, Body, and Soul (with an article by Rabbi Gottlieb)